The Worlds Most Expensive Diamonds

If you have ever shopped for diamonds or jewelry containing diamonds, you know how the prices can differ based on things like size and clarity, as well as anything that may make the diamond exceptionally rare. With some diamonds even being considered priceless, it can be hard to determine exactly which one should receive the title of Worlds Most Expensive Diamond. Below we have compiled a list of some diamonds that may be worthy of the honor:

The Cullinan Diamond


The largest rough gem quality diamond that has ever been found is the Cullinan Diamond that has an estimated value of $400 million. In 1905, Thomas Evan Powell found the large diamond that weighed 1.33 pounds. This diamond was over 3000 carats in original state, but was cut down into multiple stones including the Star Africa which was the largest diamond (530.2) up until 1985. Found in the Premiere Mine in South Africa, the Cullinan also produced the fourth largest polished diamond.

The Sancy Diamond

sancy diamondThe exact history of this diamond is unknown but experts believe that it was found in India around 1570. The Sancy Diamond is 55.23 carats and has a pale yellow hue. Since the beginning of its known history, the diamond has changed hands many times over until it found its home in the Louvre in Paris, France. The stone has an extremely unique cut because it does not contain a pavilion. Its value is considered priceless and if sold, could be the most expensive diamond.


most expensive diamondsWeighing in today at 105 carats, the Koh-I-Noor was discovered in the 13th century. Since being discovered in India, the stone has been cut by its different owners to improve its overall appearance. This diamond is also considered priceless and can be found in the United Kingdom as part of the Crown Jewels. Some accounts trace the diamond into the BC years, further adding to its rich history and value.
These are three of the most valuable diamonds in the world. Each of them has their unique characteristics and background. The value of these diamonds is hard to pinpoint exactly because there is nothing else like them and they don’t ever come up for sale. Our website also has info on the rarest diamonds in the world that also contains some of the most expensive.

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