Top 10 Rarest Diamonds

Diamond rarity and value often go hand in hand. The diamonds on our list all command extremely high prices and some are even considered “priceless”. These stones can be viewed as one of a kind with each having its own uniqueness and rarity, making it difficult to know which is actually rarest. We evaluated the prices, size, colors and other factors to come up with The 10 Rarest Diamonds:

10 – Wittlesbach Diamond

We start our list with a diamond that could actually be considered the rarest, considering it doesn’t really exist anymore. Now known as the Wittlesbach-Graff Diamond because the owner decides to have the diamond shaved down over 4 carats to remove some of the flaws it possessed. Controversy due to the shaving of the diamond has arisen because it is no longer recognizable.

9 – Allnatt Diamond

Next, we have the Allnatt Diamond. This is a fancy yellow graded diamond that is valued at $3 million. While no one is aware of the exact location of this diamond, it is suspected to be found in South America. Named after its original owner, Alfred Allnatt, the cushion-cut diamond has been on display around the world and last sold in 1996.

8 – De Beers Centenary Diamond

While this diamond is one of the more expensive diamonds on our list, its not incredibly rare. What is rare about this diamond is how well it rates in color and clarity for a diamond of that size (273.85 carats). Being the third largest diamond mined by De Beers, it is worth around $100 million.

7 – Heart of Eternity

The only heart shaped diamond to make our list is the Heart of Eternity. This fancy blue diamond is 27.64 carats and found in the Premier Diamond Mine of South Africe. After it was cut by the Steinmetz Group, the De Beers Group purchased it and it may have possibly been sold.

6 – Steinmetz Pink Diamond

Pink diamonds are sought after by many, but compounding the problem is that they usually contain another color if they are of considerable size, except the Steinmetz Pink Diamond. This 59.6 carat stone is the largest fancy pink rated diamond, making it extremely rare.

5 – Moussaieff Red Diamond

Fancy red graded diamonds are extremely rare, and so while this diamond only commands a price of $7 million, its color is unlike any other. The Moussaieff Red Diamond has a triangular brilliant cut and only weighs 5.11 carats. Despite being much smaller than some of the other diamonds on the list, this is the largest fancy red graded by the GIA.

4 – Cullinan Diamond

At one point, this was the largest diamond in the world, making it extremely rare. In 1905 the Cullinan Diamond was found in South Africa and weighed in at 3,106.75 carats. It was then cut into several smaller diamonds with some being held by Queen Elizabeth II.

3 – Koh-I-Noor

Found in India, the Koh-I-Noor has had a long history where its found different owners throughout its time. It currently sits in London on display for people to view and has had its ownership try to be claimed by various nations. Weighing in a 105.602 carats, its size and colorlessness add to its rarity.

2 -The Hope Diamond

As one of the world’s most popular gemstones, The Hope Diamond’s long history and deep blue color are unlike any other diamond. It is currently on display in the United States and has a weight of 45.52 carats. Despite being blue to the naked eye, it can appear red under certain lighting.

1 – Sancy Diamond

The Sancy Diamond is what we deemed to be the rarest diamond. The diamond is considered priceless and believed to be of Indian origin. The rarity come from the fact that it has no pavilion but rather two crowns on top of each other. This diamond has seen many owners over the years and can now be seen at The Louvre in Paris.