Rare Diamond Colors

The diamonds that your find in most engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry are commonly referred to as white diamonds; but diamonds also come in a variety of colors that can be very rare. These diamonds that can be found in red, green, pink and more, may be referred to as fancy diamonds and their colors appear due to natural occurrences. With just a fraction of a percent of mined diamonds being colored, all colors are considered rare.

Fancy Diamond Grading

Fancy diamonds are graded differently than white diamonds and their color presence is what is most important. The color is assessed and rated on a scale of “faint” to “intense”, with the more intense colored diamond being worth significantly more money. Sometimes more than one color is present in the diamond and that could contribute to its rarity.

Yellow Diamonds

These yellow diamonds are different than the ones that are graded poorly in the white diamond color chart. If a diamond contains more yellow than a Z-graded white diamond, then it is considered a fancy diamond. Yellow diamonds receive their hue from the presence of nitrogen when the diamond is developing. Second most popular to white diamonds, yellow diamonds are not quite as rare as some of the other colors.

Blue Diamonds

The blue diamond is considerably rarer than a yellow and is one of the more sought after colors. A variation in hue density allows for many different shades of blue diamonds and some can command higher prices than even rarer colored diamonds. The deeper the blue color is, the more boron was present during the diamonds creation.

Pink Diamonds

A pink diamond is one of the most desirable colors despite it also being one of the rarest colored diamonds, making pink diamonds command extremely high prices. They often contain secondary colors as purely pink diamonds are usually only found in smaller stones. Pink stones are deformed and change shape throughout their process to possess the color that they do.

Green Diamonds

These greed diamonds are the second rarest of fancy diamonds and generally contain a secondary color. Pure green diamonds can fetch high prices if no other color is present in the stone. While other fancy diamonds get their hue from various elements and processes, green diamonds get their color from radiation.

Red Diamonds

Red diamonds are the rarest colored diamonds by far. There have been less than 25 diamonds that have been certified as “Red”, and as you can imagine, they’re some of the most expensive diamonds. You can find browns and purples that appear red that also command a high price tag.

While these are some of the more popular fancy diamond colors, there are plenty of other colors that can also appear in diamonds. As it was mentioned above, very few diamonds are colored making them all fairly rare.