How Fancy Diamonds Get Their Color

How fancy diamonds get their color

When you imagine a diamond, you likely picture a clear stone that shimmers in the light, but did you know that diamonds can actually come in different colors? Colored diamonds are also referred to as fancy diamonds and they can acquire their pigments in a variety of ways. Fancy diamonds are extremely rare when compared to the traditional “white” diamonds that we are all familiar with. Below you can find some images of different colored fancy diamonds and read about how they got to be the hue that they are.

Red Fancy Diamonds

Red is the rarest color for diamonds as there have been very few diamonds with a certification of fancy red. The red pigment is created dissimilar to the other colored diamond because it does come from the presence of an element. Red diamonds are made just like colorless diamonds, but go through a deformation process known as Plastic Deformation. Those selling fancy red diamonds ask extremely high prices because of their scarcity even compared to other fancy diamonds.

Blue Fancy Diamonds

The most famous gem in the world, The Hope Diamond, is a blue stone that got its color through boron atoms being present during the diamonds creation. A boron atom is about the same size of a carbon atom and that is one reason how boron gets trapped in the structure of the carbon. You may think that a good deal of a blue diamond would be made from boron atoms, but it actually only takes a few boron atoms per million carbon to a the blue hue.

Green Fancy Diamonds

Green diamonds are unique in the fact that their color comes from radiation. Diamonds take many years to make so this radiation is no longer harmful and is completely safe. Depending on the amount of radiation the diamond was exposed to, will determine the depth of the green color.

You can see the different ways that fancy diamonds acquire their color and the rarity that these diamonds possess. These diamonds sell for thousands and even millions of dollars in some cases. Check back on our site to see how some of the other fancy diamond colors are created.

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